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Research and Development / Quality Control

Research and Development

The experienced staff at Acadian Group are continually researching innovative materials and their applications. Testing includes Mass Balances, pH, Conductivity, Corrosion Resistance and more. This, along with on-going refinement of existing finishes and the processes used to apply them, keep Acadian Group in the forefront of metal finishing suppliers. As customer requirements change, Acadian Group is both reactive and proactive in meeting those needs. This approach is an important element in providing quality service and quality products.

A Commitment to Quality

Following international quality standards, Acadian Group is dedicated to resourceful management and the continual development of staff, equipment, processes and services. In-house testing at each facility, a corporate training centre and Research and Development labs support our commitment to a consistent product that not only meets, but exceeds clients' expectations.

Research and Development Lab
Research and Development Lab.

Testing / quality control at each facility
Testing / quality control at each facility.

Corporate Training Facilities
Corporate Training Facilities

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