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Acadian Group is the largest privately owned metal finisher in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Established in 1947, the Acadian Group today consists of eight companies whose expertise in metal finishing spans decades of providing quality products, innovative finishes and exceptional customer service.

The company's network of production facilities with the capability of providing multiple finishes at each location, ensure that your work is processed with efficiency and economy.

Acadian Group's experienced, long standing team of professionals have developed new finishes, refined the traditional and have introduced innovative processes that continue to provide the excellent quality, flexibility and turn-around that established their reputation for meeting time-sensitive schedules without compromise.

A preferred supplier to many of the leading automotive parts manufacturers, Acadian Group's extensive experience in also servicing the construction industry and other valued markets demonstrates their on-going commitment to providing quality metal finishing solutions to their customers.

At Acadian Group, a quality finish is their first priority.

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